Commissioned Works of Art

If you haven’t been able to find that “perfect picture,” commissioning a unique work of art may be the solution. Besides the depth, detail, and sensitive rendering consistently found in Alla’s style, paintings commissioned by a client embody a personal element unique to each work.

What is a commissioned work of art? A commissioned painting is a work of art in the artist’s own style and manner done under contract by the artist for a specific client. A subject for a commissioned painting may be a favorite place, animal, even a house or car—whatever it is that’s important enough in your life to be commemorated by a painting.

A commissioned painting may be developed directly from the subject, from a client’s photograph, from photographic studies specifically undertaken by the artist in preparation for the commissioned work, or from a combination of these approaches. In all cases, the rapport between the client and the artist is essential to the success of the finished work.

Commissioned works of art are priced individually, based on several factors, including the nature of the subject, the approach agreed on, the size of the finished piece, and whether or not the artist arranges matting and framing for the client. For further information about commissioned works of art, send e-mail to